Here is a page dedicated to a few memories

(Mostly in photos and flims) but a few captions as well to fill in the details.

Please re-visit this page it will be updated regularly as there is a limit to the amount of content, you don't want to miss anything, do you

I served from July 1962 until April 1978. There are some of you who's service will pre-date this, some of you will overlap and some who would have followed. But I would like to think that all the Shipmates in our branch will be familier with a lot of the items on this page.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the solution to stop the ads coming up so you'll just have to click them off yourselves.

By the way if you spot yourself or any or our members in the films please let us know? (Not that we are suggesting your'e old)

Here is a video that will make a lot of you very sad, if you have been to Gibraltar you most certailnly would have been in the Hole In the Wall Bar. It's probably the smallest bar you have been in. Unfortunately it is closing down. "Well you don't get the Matelots anymore". So it's the end of a legend, as the guy says in it's day it was probably the most well known bar in the RN.


A touch of the old Portland Workup just to make you shiver

Three more videos:

Two ship preserved at the HM Historic Dockyard at Chatham

HMS Cavalier and HM Submarine HMS Ocelot

Apart from the rather loud wind noise at the beginning of each video they are well worth a look they only last about 4 mins each.

Short Clip of HMS Belfast on the river Thames.

Those were the days. What can one say?

I don't think they turn them out like this

Poster from the First World War

Old poster

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