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  The Orkney Branch of the Royal Naval Association meets on the first

  Thursday of every month. On alternate months the meetings are held
  in the Royal British Legion Clubs Kirkwall and Stromness.
  Please see the notice below for the date and venue of the next meeting.

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As decided locally and as directed by
All upcoming meetings are cancelled until further notice

Memories page. Closing of the Hole in t' wall bar Gibraltar.

The Vault HMS Royal Oak story and video have been moved to the vault.

Also still there the three preserved ships HMS Cavalier, HM Submarine Ocelot and HMS Belfast.

To keep the space on the front page up to date with current information older items will be passed down into the cellar vault for archiving. Press the Vault button, but beware the steps are slippery and the floor is damp, watch out for the spiders and rats and if you stay too long the musty smell will linger on your clothing.

We are all taking what precautions we can to halt the spread of the COVID 19 virus. Social distancing a great expression, I wish I had thought of that. Women have been doing that to me for years. Now it has been said that there is some confusion and that Corona beer has been linked with this virus?? Absolute nonsense. Corona beer is of Spainish-Mexican origin brewed in Mexico and owned rather strangly by a Belgium company. All perfectly safe to drink. I'll drink to that. Cheers.

Royal Navy

"Hello What's going on in Orkney"

2020 vision

This year has already sparked off some great jokes so we'll start with the most common one.

Pity we didn't see what the year had to offer. This would not have been so funny.

Drink rum

A little reminder (As if you needed one?) of what was happening 80 years ago this week both on and off shore at Dunkirk.


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This site was updated on Friday 29th May 2020

As a work in progress I've created a "Videos of interest" page, This will bring all the little video films together on to one page rather than randomly dispersed over the site.


As there has not been an AGM so far this year the Chairman has emailed the Orkney Annual report (as submitted to HQ) to branch members

The first meeting of the year took place at Stromness 0n Thursday March 5th. There was a good turnout of members which was good to see. A business agenda was completed with nothing new or outstanding to discuss. SM Keith brought along copies of the Navy News for the period covering the Falklands War which made for some interesting reading, apart from the reminder that they also contained lots of up-dates and info regarding the what's going on within the fleet. One forgets that they also contained, Swop drafts and promotion waiting lists.

For the AGM AGM postponed can Shipmates bring along a small plate or two of food/goodies for the little social gathering on completion. Raffles prizes for the small raffle we conduct. This year the Chairman has devised a couple of competions.

1. If everyone can bring along an item of anything they obtained during their service. This can be any gisits, curiosities, souvenirs (rabbits), items of kit or instruments. Place them on the table without being seen. The object of the competition is that all the other members have to guess which item belong to who. A prize/prizes for the person who guesses correctly.

2. Similar to the above but this time a Photo taken anywhere, either a group of shipmates (but you must not be included in the photo) with a backdrop, an activity, or a scene/landscape. etc., Do not get yourself in the picture. Everyone then must guess, who submitted the photo, where it's taken and possibly the date.


For interest and a bit of curiosity. Below is a photo from the Pompey News archives, it shows boy trainees from HMS St Vincent marching down a street in Gosport. Unfortunately the paper cannot give a date or street name. It has been suggested that because they are in winter rig it could be a Remembrance Day parade. The year is open to question also, black caps. 30's 40's? What I find surprising is how modern the houses look.

jpwm 220120 ACH rw HMS St Vincent boys parade through Gosport

Thought you would like to see this photo which according to the caption shows the following ships of Force H in line ahead. HMS Duke of York, HMS Nelson, HMS Renown, HMS Formidable and HMS Argonaut. Didn't they have great names back then? Such as FORMIDABLE, RENOWN

Nelson well.1


\ /

sailor ad
PO and Chief smiling

A very rare sight a CPO and PO drill instructors smiling

average person to sailor

Now it depends on where your loyalties lie which one of these you deem to be the truest statement. Or you may feel both have equal merit?

Officers Compass
Gas Gas Gas

A couple of lighthearted pictures to make you smile from The Real Navy Facebook page. I hope any ex or serving officers will not be offended.

About this site: This site essentially contains information for members of the branch but is also an informative but informal look at the world according to the Royal Navy both past and present.

Members, guests and visitors are welcome, please feel free to browse the pages and do return often as there will be regular updates.

A rare photo of a PO and CPO smiling

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