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  The Orkney Branch of the Royal Naval Association meets on the Third

  Thursday of every month. On alternate months the meetings are held
  in the Royal British Legion Clubs Kirkwall and Stromness.
  Please see the notice below for the date and venue of the next meeting.

Statement by the Chairman. “During the past 6 months our Branch has been debating the use of plastic wreaths being laid over ship wreck sites. Our conclusion is that plastic wreaths shall only be laid at the ship’s memorial on land and the use of bio- degradable poppy petals to be cast into the waters directly above wreck site”. However we do not form an opinion on other parties who lay plastic wreaths. David Hughes [chairman]

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Thought you would like to see this photo which according to the caption shows the following ships of Force H in line ahead. HMS Duke of York, HMS Nelson, HMS Renown, HMS Formidable and HMS Argonaut. Didn't they have great names back then? Such as FORMIDABLE, RENOWN

Nelson well.1


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sailor ad

On Saturday 16th September 2017 a memorial stone was unveiled at RNAS HMS Tern also known as Twatt Airfield. The unveiling ceremony was performed by two ex serving members of the Royal Navy at the airfield during World War two. Mr Walter Crosbie a photographer and Mrs Celia Green WRNS engineer.

The memorial like several others of the same design around the country was erected by the 'Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust' to acknowledge the service and sacrifice of all those that served on these airfileds both Naval and RAF during the world wars.

A similar memorial was unveiled on the same day along the road at RAF Skeabrea by the son of a serving Norwegian pilot during WWII.

L to R. Mr Walter Crosbie, Mrs Celia Green and Mr Ken Bannerman Chairman, Trustee and Founder of the charity 'Airfields Of Britain Conservation Trust'.


As part of the Orkney Aviation Festival weekend HMS Tern was open to the public on Sunday 17th September 2017. The Airfield has several of it's original buildings standing, notably The Fire Station, Control Tower which unusually also incorporated the operations room, the brick front part of the cinema and many other important buildings. Unfortunately the accommodation blocks, dinning hall and recreational buildings ie NAAFI, Gym and Sports halls were all dismantled. But there is still a lot to see. (Search HMS Tern for a lot more info). The Birsay Heritage Trust are in the process of conserving and reinstating as much as they can. A long term project??

Shipmate Ian MacDonald played the Lament while wreaths were laid during the ceremony of remembrance at the Vanguard memorial Lyness War Graves Cemetery.

Vanguard memorial.

A rare photo of a PO and CPO smiling

PO and Chief smiling

This little skit by Bird and Fortune is brilliant, a must watch to the end. OK it's a couple of years old now but still very funny and dare I say still relevant.

average person to sailor

Now it depends on where your loyalties lie which one of these you deem to be the truest statement. Or you may feel both have equal merit?

Gas Gas Gas
Officers Compass

A couple of lighthearted pictures to make you smile from The Real Navy Facebook page. I hope any ex or serving officers will not be offended.

Well, Well how I remember those Friday afternoon divisions and faces and places from the past. The married quarters, the back lane, the Golden Lion and Red Lion (The Beast). I had the chance on several occasions to show a few visitors around Southwick House.

Anyway my concern is did the officer at 30sec every find the person who was absent and unaccounted for??? Naughty to skiving off divisions, Oh hang on a minute??

As an added bonus to the above I can remember (Although I can't remember his name) The Captian, who was a keen horseman wanted to do a divisions on horseback. This work out well whilst doing the inspections but as he took up post by the saluting dias for the march past the Royal Marine Band struck up with Hearts of Oak, the horse reared up on it's hind legs and legged it down the road with the skipper and out of sight. Well you can imagine the reaction from the parade ground. Even the band had to stop playing (Or found it impossible). Step forward the
1st Lt who brought us all to order and the march passed took place with him taking the salute. I think everyone including the captain found it funny. And you know what he never tried it again.

Here is a short advert to encourage people to learn English

Even if you have seen it before it always raises a laugh and as an ex Coastguard myself those very words can send a shiver up your spine.

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